Our Client Process


Results when you need them

Nothing speaks louder to our clients than the ability to simplify their lives. Our goal when we started Viridian was clear; we sought to remove the complexities of long-term planning and investment management by providing clear, concise advice with the goal of allowing our clients to seek the lifestyle they desire without unnecessary risk.

In an industry where greed and fear dominate public sentiment, there must be a place to turn to when times of chaos lead to emotional decision making. The ability to stay grounded and provide unbiased and relevant advice only comes after years of experience, technical acumen, and—at the forefront – an undying conviction to service client needs.


Each client has a unique set of goals in mind, when they would like to achieve them, and how comfortable they are with risk. The very first step in our process is helping clients formalize their vision by setting expectations and creating a structure for pursuing these goals.

Our planning process begins with a conversation. In any analytical process the challenge is taking the ‘soft’ pieces of the puzzle and quantifying them into ‘hard’ facts representing milestones of achievement. Our goals are the same as our clients: to reach and maintain a desired lifestyle while minimizing the amount of risk and volatility with respect to how markets and economies may fluctuate.




For many individuals or families, the word estate can mean many things: a gift, a summary of one’s life achievements, or a legacy. At Viridian we view the estate as simply a piece of the plan, another moving target that may fluctuate along the way.

Throughout the financial planning process, we identify key areas of concern for estate challenges and work with either your personal estate attorney or an attorney in our collective referral network to iron out the specific details of your estate plan.


Sometimes viewed as the evil three letter word, tax planning represents a piece of the overall financial planning puzzle. The challenge is to prevent the tail from wagging the dog; although part of the complexity, tax should not be the driver of your goals. Successful merging of your tax planning and financial strategy works best when coordinated with your CPA or one of many accountants in our collective referral network.




The final step in our process is execution. We have spent the majority of our time understanding your challenges and capabilities to formulate your long-term plan – the final step is putting that plan into effect.

We encourage you to speak with us to learn more about our capabilities and process.