Matt BoelterFinancial Advisor

At a pivotal time in his life as a young child, Matt witnessed firsthand, the stress that money and economics can put on a family – specifically his family. He experienced the impact that economic pressures had on his parent’s relationship with each other, with their children, and with so many things in their day to day lives.  He immediately started to take a strong personal interest in finance.

Skipping forward a few years, Matt found himself actually trading stocks in his 10th grade web design class and by 11th grade had started college full time. Although he was unsure of what his career path would be at that time, the one thing he did know was that he wanted to have an impact in the lives that he touched. His curriculum was wide ranging, but most of his focus was in economics and various courses that would prepare him for a career in the medical field.  His career path became clearer when he found himself struggling through anatomy but excelling in economics. He had a personal struggle, however, based on the fact that he believed medicine would allow him to directly benefit his patients, yet he perceived the financial world as impersonal and strictly analytical. It wasn’t until he had an opportunity to meet with his first Financial Advisor that he understood the impact an advisor can have on the lives of their clients.

Today, Matt is proud to be a Financial Advisor with Viridian.  Matt gives regular social security and retirement income workshops to help people in the community make educated decisions about their finances.  He now spends most of his time helping his clients maximize their retirement income and plan for their legacy.

On a personal note – Matt is the proud husband of Roxanne and father of Aurora and Harlan. He and Roxanne met through a youth square dance club as teenagers and continue to volunteer at the annual youth dance festival that brought them together. As a family they enjoy the outdoors and we have recently completed the construction of a new house just outside of Mukilteo, WA.